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Privacy Policy

The Hans Merensky Foundation uses web software to track visitor information on our webpages. The data is then analysed internally for trends, which help provide more useful information to visitors.  No personal information is collected during this tracking process. In a few instances, the Hans Merensky Foundation asks visitors to submit personal information, such as email or postal addresses, in order to deliver requested information or materials. We do not share, sell or otherwise willfully disclose this personal information to any third party.

Articles and Bylaws/Board Charters
The HM Foundation’s governance structure is defined in its articles and bylaws filed with the South African Master of Supreme Court’s Office (?). Further, we utilise a charter and work plan for each committee of the Board that defines the roles, responsibilities and meeting agendas for each. The Foundation utilises an enterprise risk framework to help identify, prioritise and assign risk responsibilities to management and the Board.

For informational purposes only, this site contains links to websites created, maintained and controlled by other organizations and individuals. The Hans Merensky Foundation has no responsibility for the content of any website to which a link is provided. These links are provided for your convenience and are not intended as an endorsement by the Foundation of the organizations or individuals operating these sites, a solicitation to contribute to these organizations or individuals, nor as a warranty of the information or the sites contain. The Hans Merensky Foundation does not have responsibility for the content of sites that link to its site and reserves the right to request that links to its site be removed.

Photographer/Artist Credits
All images are royalty-free and/or use by the Hans Merensky Foundation has been permitted courtesy of the copyright holder. All images are used with permission, and may not be reproduced in any form without express written consent of the owner.

Conflicts of Interest/Code of Conduct Policy
The HM Foundation has a conflict of interest/code of conduct policy that applies to our Board, staff, key partners, universities and vendors in the communities we serve. Our goal is to avoid situations where our relationships impair our ability, in fact or appearance, to be independent in our decision making. We communicate our policy regularly to the Board as we forge new relationships in pursuit of our goals.