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What We Do

The main objective of the Hans Merensky Foundation is guided by the Foundation’s Founding Charter. The HMF Charter directs the Trustees of the Foundation “to promote and assist in the development of the resources of the Republic of South Africa and neighbouring territories particularly such resources as soil, water, minerals, flora and sauna, and to promote the health of the inhabitants, particularly through research, experimentation and demonstration and through the correlation and application of scientific knowledge. The funds and assets of the Foundation will be devoted to these ends”.

Much of the wealth Dr Hans Merensky generated from the abundant treasures out of the ground he gave back to South Africa, in the form of generous donations to universities, and the establishment of bursaries for underprivileged students. The Foundation has resolved to continue this tradition.  Broadly, we do this in a few ways:

Creating Centres of Excellence
Making ground-breaking progress in plant science requires the best researchers and state-of-the art facilities.

Funding World-class Research
From gifted post-graduate students to visionary leaders at innovative research institutes, we enable exceptional talent to make their mark in avocado and timber science, forging new discoveries in fundamental plant biology as well as beneficial developments in the field.

Inspiring Undergraduates
It is important that young people appreciate the relevance of plant science to modern life, and have a good understanding of how plants work.